Top 5 Websites to Master Coding for placement :)

2 min readJun 24, 2021
  1. LeetCode

LeetCode is one of the largest tech communities with millions of active users. You can practice over 1400+ coding problems and the number is increasing day by day! LeetCode supports over 14 popular coding languages that make it more preferable. Also, at the end of each contest, you will be rewarded with rankings and points which can help you in getting a job in top tech giants.

2. CodeChef

Master your coding skills with hundreds of practice exercises and compete in challenges depending on the level of difficulty. This Indian-based nonprofit educational initiative has a large community of coders who also contribute to tutorials and forums.

3. GeeksforGeeks

They also have a Interview Preparation section that is specifically for job interview preparation, they host their own coding Contest, and they have a section for Articles to help you better understand certain problems.

4. TopCoder

Compete against other developers, and data scientists in one of the original online competitive programming platforms. They have Single Round Matches offered a few times a month at a specific time. The top rankers are one of the best and hard to beat programmers.

5. HackerRank

Practice your coding skills in the largest learning and competition community. The site offers a lot of algorithm tutorials and tons of coding practices to choose from. Since the site also connects developer to companies , users can get hired by companies as well.

Programming needs a lot of patience. Start participating in different competitive programming contests and improve yourself day by day. Show your ranking in your resume and this will also help you in landing a job in top tech companies.